UX writing for Mastertimer App.


An app as premium as the watch it enables.

Aramedes prides itself on creating watches in the style of a classic Swiss mechanical watch. And then it adds a high-tech module to do the things no mechanical watch could, namely displaying prayer time, fasting times, and the direction to Mecca.

Much of the functionality of the Muslim features exists in the Mastertimer App. My job was to make the screens better – more friendly and intuitive, more consistent, with the premium feel of a luxury watch.

Step 1

Product and feature glossary

Everyone was writing all over the place, and no one was referring to the products consistently. So I created a complete glossary of product names and feature terminology. A single-source of truth means everyone can write about Aramedes products consistently and correctly.

Step 2

Analyze and reorganize

The Mastertimer App was already in alpha testing. But I could see we needed to take a step back and define a few things internally. First of all, for the initial setup sequence, we needed to take the pile of screens and organize them into clearly defined steps, each with a name we all agreed on.

Step 3

Rewriting for clarity and consistency

With our internal structure and terminology in place, it was time to apply it across the screens. Nearly all of the 65 screens needed rewrites. The user will be anxious to play with their new toy, so this needs to be as quick and easy as possible. The dot bar at the top shows where you're at and how much further there is to go. Consistent terminology from start to finish helps everything makes sense.

Step 4

Write the rulebook

As we reorganized and rewrote the screens, we made all kinds of decisions. Those decisions became the rules of the app UX, and we captured them in their own section of the Aramedes style guide.


  • Aramedes UX writing strategy defined and captured.
  • Product and features naming and terminology defined and put into a single source.
  • Mastertimer App brought up to Swiss-watchmaking standards with clear, concise, and consistent copy.

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