Zero to brand in a matter of weeks.


Every great product needs a story.

Aramedes came to me a fantastic product – classically designed Swiss watches designed to support Muslims in the practice of their faith. It was a fresh take on the smartwatch – classic and clever – a mechanical movement combined with just enough technology to show the wearer prayer time, fasting times, and the direction to Mecca.

The watches were gorgeous, their website needed work, and the clock was ticking – the worldwide product launch was fast approaching.



Fundamentals first – H→SB

We started with a High→Speed Branding session. I sat down with the Chief Brand Officer, and five hours later we had the language describing the core of their brand on paper (well, pixels). Clear and consistent, informative and inspiring, for colleagues and clients. We were ready to rock and roll.


Now we speak to the world – launch and landing pages.

With plenty to say and the language defined, we could start spreading the message. The brand was launching at Dubai Watch Week 2021, which meant we needed copy for the DWW site and an Aramedes landing page. Half the language came directly from what we wrote in the H→SB session, then we wrote more, informed by the style we’d established.


The complete story accross all touchpoints.

Website time! We created the information architecture, and I filled in the headlines and body copy throughout. It came together fast, since there was so much we could reuse or take guidance from. Every touchpoint got the copy it needed – watch box, app UI, app store description – each with the right terminology and tone of voice.

Bart Simpson and MacGyver make use of the Swiss Army Knife.

Building the styleguide with each decision.

Starting with the H→SB session and throughout the writing that followed, we kept making decisions on how to write for the brand. So I created the Aramedes styleguide to capture these rules as we went. Now anyone creating for Aramedes has what they need to get on-brand and stay consistent.


Star status achieved.

Aramedes is the star of the Dubai Watch Week

Aramedes started with a few vague ideas and together we quickly arrived at we well-defined brand core and messaging for their kick-ass product. The launch was a success – one well known collector in the Arab watch scene called Aramedes the star of Dubai Watch Week. Now the brand has a solid foundation to build on and a clear path forward.


  • Brand strategy, styleguide, launch copy all created in a matter of weeks.
  • Every touchpoint written and covered.
  • Bold messaging and copy got Aramedes noticed.
  • Foundation in place for the brand to grow on.

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